Pattern template for nail stamping. Used together with Depend Special Stamping Nail Polish.

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    Apply Depend Special Stamping Nail Polish over the chosen motif on the pattern template.

    Scrape away excess polish from the pattern template with a scraper.

    Pick up a stamp and press it over the motif to transfer the motif to the stamp. At this point you need to work quickly, so that the polish does not dry.

    Stamp the motif onto your nail by rolling carefully over it, or by simply pressing the stamp carefully down.

    Allow it to dry thoroughly before applying a thin layer of Depend top coat with a light touch. Touch up every three days with top coat to make your stamped design last longer.

    Clean the scraper and pattern template with Depend blue nail polish remover each time you stamp or use them. Tip! The easiest way to clean the pattern template and scraper is to use a cotton bud soaked in blue nail polish remover.

    1 Pattern template

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