About Depend Cosmetic AB

Depend Cosmetic was founded in Sweden in 1952 and worked solely with the hairdressing market until 1989. In early 1990 the company changed direction and shifted its focus from hairdressing to the retail trade.

Market research conducted over a number of years provided the foundation for a new area of focus. We realised that there was immense potential within nails and nail care products, as well as in niche products for the eye area. This market was being neglected by stores, and there was inadequate dialogue between end consumers and store staff. Quite simply, there was a lack of knowledge about the products.

An intense period of product development followed, and after an initial presentation to the market we achieved a striking result. We felt that we were on the right path and recorded a fantastic result in a short time on our home market of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. We now have our own companies operating in each of these countries. The customer group base comprises 2,000 different stores covering the entire retail field.

Depend CosmeticToday we develop and manufacture our products in-house. Liquid products are manufactured at our factory in Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden. Nails, artificial eyelashes and similar products are manufactured in Indonesia, where we have invested in our own production and manufacturing facilities.

The key to Depend’s success is not just high-quality, attractively designed products and a stable marketing platform, but also a new and unique way of selling products. For Depend this means individual product training for all our retailers. We have also introduced a new way of displaying the products using planograms, which has successfully created additional sales.

All this means that Depend can now proudly introduce itself as a nail brand that competes with the leading multinational make-up companies, demonstrating just how much profit can be made in-store.

Having surged ahead on the Nordic market, we then turned our attention to the export market. Today we export to over 50 countries and are a strong player on the international market too.