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Artificial nails

Artificial nails are a quick and easy way to get long, attractive and natural-looking nails that are perfect for an evening out or a wedding. Depend’s artificial nails are available as unpainted natural nails, solid colour, complete with designs or French manicure in many different shapes, e.g. long, short, oval, ballerina or stiletto. If you want a classic style for your nails – take a look at our products for french manicure.

How do I apply artificial nails?

Depend has artificial nails to be applied using nail glue or Press & Go self-adhesive nails. Each artificial nail is numbered so that you can easily tell which artificial nail fits your natural nail. Apply a thin layer of nail glue to the surface of the tip and hold firmly in place on your nail for 5-10 seconds. Full instructions for use are inside the pack. To apply Press & Go self-adhesive nails, simply press firmly onto your natural nails.

How do I remove artificial nails?

When you come to remove artificial nails, use Depend Artificial Nail Remover. Never break or pull the nail tip off, as this may damage your natural nail.