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Sculpture Nails

Get gel nails at home without the need for a UV lamp! Depend’s complete gel kits leave you with beautiful nails, whether you prefer a natural or French look.

Complete kits

Depend has complete kits for applying gel nails at home without the need for a UV lamp. Our simple four-step process enables you to create beautiful nails with either a natural look or a French look. The kits include super-thin nail tips, sculpture gel, gel activator and pink nail glue. The nail tips are available as a refill, and you can also buy refills for the gel activator and sculpture gel. If you want a classic style for your nails - take a look at our products for french manicure.

How do I use Depend’s Gel Kit to sculpture nails?

Begin by measuring the nail tips against your natural nails. The tips should cover the nail from edge to edge across, but should not cover more than a third of the length of your nail. If you do not find a nail tip that fits exactly, you can always file down the edges of a larger tip, to ensure a perfect fit. Shape the edge of your own nail so that it matches the tip. Gently “roughen” the surface of the nail using the buffing file. To ensure the best possible surface for attaching the tip, we recommend cleaning the nail with nail polish remover (without oil).

How do I apply nail tips?

Apply nail glue to the transparent bonding surface on the back of the nail tip. The glue must be applied right up to the edges. Press the nail tip against your nail so that the little edge on the back of the tip meets the edge of your natural nail. Hold in place until the nail glue has dried. If necessary, press the edges of the tip onto the nail with the orange stick. When the nail tip is firmly attached – break it away from the card.

Which curing method is used with Depend’s Gel Kit?

Apply a thin layer of Sculpture Gel along the whole of your natural nail and the nail tip. Do not let the gel touch your cuticle, as this increases the risk of flaking off, but apply it about 2 millimetres away from the cuticle. Now apply the Gel Activator from a distance of about 30 cm, using one (1) spray per nail. Once completely dry, repeat the same process twice more. Three thin applications of the Sculpture Gel and the Gel Activator are sufficient to cure the nail, eliminating the need for a UV lamp. Complete the treatment by buffing the nails with the buffing file. You have now created an elegant and long-lasting high-gloss gel nail.

How do I remove my gel nails?

To remove the nail tips and gel, use Depend Artificial Nail Remover. If you would like to even out new nail growth after a week or so, you can file the nail and apply more Sculpture Gel and Gel Activator, which also helps to freshen up your nails and make them last longer.