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Gel Nail polish – Gel iQ

We are very proud to launch Gel iQ, a new gel nail polish formula for use with UV/LED technology. Gel iQ replaces Depend’s previous gel polish formula GelLack and has a higher iQ, with easier application, glossier finish and easier removal. Gel iQ gives you perfect glossy colour in 5 easy steps and produces long-lasting results, with up to 14 days’ wear.

Depend GeliQ – The new gel nail polish

New gel polish formula that cures under an UV/LED lamp, giving you perfect gel nails that last for 2 weeks. Gel iQ replaces Depend’s previous gel polish formula GelLack and has a higher iQ, with easier application, glossier finish, and easier removal. Depend GeliQ produces super glossy results with a plumping effect that differs from ordinary nail polish. There is no need to prepare your natural nails by buffing them or applying a strong primer. Gel iQ requires only light cleaning with a mild Pre-Cleanser prior to applying the gel nail polish products.

What do I need to apply Gel iQ?

Gel iQ is a treatment in 5 easy steps. Step 1. Gel iQ Pre-Cleanser, Step 2. Gel iQ Base Coat, Step 3. Gel iQ preferred colour, Step 4. Gel iQ Top Coat and Step 5. Gel iQ High Shine Cleanser. The starter kit contains everything you need, apart from your preferred colour shade, which you choose separately, and nail polish remover products. Read the detailed instructions for use and the safety information supplied in the packaging before starting your treatment.

How long does it take for Gel iQ to cure in the UV/LED lamp?

The UV/LED lamp has been specially developed and has a curing time of 30 seconds for each stage of gel application. The symbiosis between lamp and gel polish produces an evening-out effect, where any ridges disappear during curing, even if the gel has not been applied evenly. Always cure for 30 seconds between each coat using the UV/LED lamp. A shorter curing time will result in under-cured material and consequently an increased risk of allergy and a less durable finish. Once the top coat has been cured under the lamp, all you have to do is clean your nails with High Shine Cleanser, which produces a fantastic shine and intense colour. The gel polish is now cured and dry, can be touched and will withstand knocks.

Can I use Gel iQ gel polish on my toenails?

Yes, for toenails, use the same application techniques and removal methods as for fingernails.

How often can I apply the nail polish gel?

Gel iQ lasts for up to two weeks, and so we recommend not changing colour more frequently than this. If you do, the effect on your nails is more severe, which may cause a deterioration in the condition of your natural nails. We also recommend that after removing the gel polish you wait a week before applying Gel iQ again and check your nails to ensure that they are in good condition. If not, then wait until they are in good condition again before applying gel nail polish. If you want to change colour more frequently, we suggest that you use Depend 7day Hybrid Polish or Depend O2 Minilac instead.

What are the risks of allergies when using the gel nail polish?

Gel iQ contains ingredients that have the potential to cause an allergic reaction in sensitive persons.

Do not use this product If you have ever experienced any reaction after use of UV/LED-cured nail products. If you are allergic to acrylates, as these products may cause an allergic reaction. If your cuticles are split or damaged, etc. or if your nails are in poor condition (thin, dry or split). Or If you bite your nails or have short nails, where the tip of your nail (the top) ends below the skin of your fingertips. Stop using this product if you develop redness or itching. If you experience a smarting pain, itching or swelling during the treatment, remove uncured material using a cotton wool pad moistened with Gel iQ Pre-Cleanser, and then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If the problems persist, contact a doctor for advice. If skin irritation or rash occurs after using the gel polish: Get medical advice/attention. Read through and follow all the instructions for use and the safety information carefully before treatment.

Can I combine Gel iQ with my old GelLack, colour or lamp?

If you have gel polish left over or an LED lamp from Depend’s previous UV/LED gel range GelLack, these can be used alongside Gel iQ products. Never combine Gel iQ with other brands during use.

How to remove Depend Gel iQ nail polish gel

Depending on your nail type and the condition of your nails, you may or may not find it difficult to remove the gel polish. We have therefore opted to use two different removal methods. We recommend, in the first instance, using method 1 to remove the gel. Method 1 is unique and gentle on natural nails, as it requires only a special vegetable oil and warm water soak. This method works for most nail types. Otherwise for example if you have extremely dry nails, we recommend method 2 when removing the nail polish gel. You can also take a look at our products for nail care.