The Depend Eyelash Curler has a carefully designed angle and perfect curve to give your eyelashes the right look. This unique design means that it works for all eye shapes and curls all lashes, irrespective of their length. A specially developed silicone pad gently curls your eyelashes without damaging their surface structure. The pack contains an extra silicone pad for when you want to replace it.

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    Use on clean and dry lashes without mascara. Open the Depend Eyelash Curler and guide your lashes into it. Squeeze the curler closed for a few seconds where you want the curl to be. Done!

    If you have long eyelashes it might be best to curl them in two or three steps. First squeeze the curler near the lash roots, release, move the curler out to the middle of the lashes and squeeze it closed again. If you want you can also try to bring the curler out nearer to the tips of the lashes and squeeze it closed one last time there.


    The pack contains: 1 eyelash curler, 1 silicone pad, instructions for use.

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