Depend 7day is a nail polish system for those wanting a nail polish with super gloss, top-class durability and a “gel feeling”. This hybrid formula lasts for up to one week, is easy to apply, and is easily removed using Depend nail polish remover.  Depend 7day is a 4-step treatment. This Starter Kit provides the basic products you always require in addition to your chosen colour (step 3). No need for an LED/UV lamp – this nail polish system hardens in normal daylight or electric light.

Step 1 – 7day CLEANSER to gently cleanse the nail surface.
Step 2 – 7day Protecting BASE to provide the perfect bonding surface for the coloured polish and to protect your nails from any discolouration.
Step 4 – 7day Hybrid TOP to seal your nails and to provide super gloss, top-quality durability and a “gel feeling”.


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    When you apply Depend 7day BASE, POLISH and TOP always treat all ten nails in the same sequence.

    1. Clean your nails with Depend 7day CLEANSER. Wait 30 seconds, until the surface is completely dry.

    2. Apply 7day Protecting BASE to all your nails. Begin with the little finger (right or left).

    3. Then you can immediately begin to apply the first layer of 7day Hybrid POLISH.

    Just to be sure, wait 30 seconds before you apply the second layer of Hybrid POLISH. After that, wait an extra 30 seconds before you apply 7day Hybrid TOP.

    4. Finish by applying Hybrid TOP in two layers. Wait 3 minutes before you apply the last layer of Hybrid TOP. After 5 minutes your 7day treatment is dry enough for you to touch the surface of the polish.

    The entire treatment takes 15 – 20 minutes, depending on how practised you are at applying polish.

    1 x 7day CLEANSER 35 ml

    1 x 7day BASE 5 ml

    1 x 7day TOP 5 ml

    1x orange stick

    1 x file

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