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Nail products from Depend

Beautiful nails can be the key to a healthy and well-cared-for appearance. Depend offers a complete range of nail products, with everything you could possibly need to care for, paint and decorate your nails. Depend minilac is a 5 ml nail polish that has become a celebrated classic. The nail polish collections are updated regularly throughout the year to reflect seasonal fashions and the hottest colours around, so setting new trends.

Depend 7day nail polish

7day nail polish is a hybrid polish that combines ordinary polish and GelLack. 7day nail polish is quick-drying and produces a super glossy finish for salon-quality nails with a gel feel that last up to seven days – without the need for a UV/LED lamp.

Depend acetone-free nail polish remover

It is important to remove nail polish gently. Depend nail polish remover is free from acetone, oil, colour and perfume, which can cause nails to dry out and become discoloured. Good nail care starts with choosing the right nail polish remover. Our range of nail polish removers includes products that work fast and are odourless, extra gentle and environment friendly, as well as some that are suitable for use with artificial nails.

Depend Nail care

Depend nail care products have been specially developed to clean, moisturise, nourish, strengthen and protect your nails. When choosing nail care products, consider the condition of your nails – are they dry and split with cracked cuticles, thin and soft or discoloured with ridges? Depend has two nail care series called O2 Nail Care and PT Nail Care, which follow the same nail care routine – which one you choose to follow comes down to personal preference.

Nail files and nail decorations

File your nails to the perfect length and shape with Depend’s extensive range of nail files and buffers. If you wish to decorate your nails and create personalised nail designs, our range of nail decorations includes glitter, stickers, rivets and rhinestones. This range also includes tools for creating imaginative designs, such as a dotting tool, a fan brush and thin, fine brushes for freehand nail art. A French manicure is a timeless look that never goes out of style and which enhances the nail’s natural colours, with pink on the nail bed and a white tip to the nail. The perfect manicure for any occasion and everyday wear, which is not in the least bit tricky to do if you use Depend’s templates and complete manicure kits.

Depend artificial nails

Artificial nails are a quick and easy way to get long and attractive nails that are perfect for an evening out or a wedding. Depend’s self-adhesive Press & Go nails adhere easily to your natural nail and come in many different shapes, e.g. long, short, oval, ballerina or stiletto.