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Depend minilac nail polish

Depend minilac is a small 5 ml nail polish that has become a celebrated classic. This polish is easy to apply and has a specially designed wide brush that is particularly forgiving. Symbols on the bottle indicate the degree of coverage of the polish: solid, semi-transparent or transparent. These collections are updated regularly throughout the year to reflect seasonal fashions and the hottest colours around, so setting new trends. Each collection includes 12 colours and the complete collection can be purchased as a set.

Depend O2 minilac nail polish

Depend O2 minilac is the same size and has the same brush as minilac, but O2 has a patented formula that allows 30 % more oxygen to reach the nail than with ordinary nail polish.

Depend 7day

7day nail polish is a hybrid polish that combines ordinary nail polish and gel polish. 7day nail polish is quick-drying and produces a super glossy finish for salon-quality nails with a gel feel that last up to seven days – without the need for a UV/LED lamp. The polish dries in normal daylight, sunlight and under the light on your mobile.

The right way to paint your nails with nail polish

Always use a base coat beneath coloured nail polish; this is the key to ensuring that your polish lasts longer and does not chip. The base coat also protects the nail, preventing the pigment in nail polish from penetrating your natural nail and causing discolouration. Apply your chosen coloured nail polish in thin coats. The first is likely to be a little uneven, but the second should look perfect. Seal the coloured polish with a top coat. Apply one or two thin coats to dry. For a longer-lasting finish, touch up by applying a thin coat every two or three days. When you want to remove nail polish, use one of Depend’s nail polish removers, which are free from acetone, oil, colour and perfume, and which won’t dry out your nails or cause them to become discoloured.

Find it tricky to apply nail polish neatly without leaving traces around the nail?

With Depend’s Corrector Pen you can easily correct any mistakes and remove polish from around the nail. Simply stroke the pen lightly over the area where you need to remove excess nail polish from skin and cuticles.

Quick-drying nail polish

Not got the time to wait for it to dry? All Depend nail polishes dry quickly, but we also have quick-drying top coats that dry in just a few seconds. Now you don’t need to worry about wrecking your freshly painted nails.

Matte top coat

With a matte top coat you can create exciting effects and add some variety to your manicure. Apply to each nail or just one nail for added effect. Apply one or two thin coats to dry nail polish.

Ridgefiller for uneven nails

Ridgefiller is a smoothing nail polish that strengthens, moisturises, evens out ridges and camouflages discolouration. Ridgefiller is pale pink in colour and can be used as a nude-coloured nail polish for a natural look or as a base coat under other polish.

What can I do about discoloured nails?

To avoid discoloured nails it’s important to use a nail polish remover that is free from acetone, oil and perfume, to always apply a base coat under your coloured polish, and to use the correct technique when applying polish. It’s a good idea to use a nail strengthener with a ridge filler effect that moisturises, strengthens and camouflages yellowing.

Nail polish with nail strengthener

Nail strengtheners can be applied as a base coat during your manicure and create a hard yet flexible surface that protects and strengthens the nail. Depend has nail strengtheners for soft, thin nails and for dry, split nails. Nail strengtheners can also be used as a clear nail polish and be applied in thin coats about twice a week.

Choose the right nail polish remover

When it comes to removing your nail polish, gentle is the way to go. Acetone is very drying and your nails may need some time to recover after you have used it. Depend’s nail polish removers are gentle and free from acetone, oil, colour and perfume, which can cause nails to dry out and become discoloured. Oil can also make it more difficult to apply nail polish afterwards, as oil residues can remain on the nail, and, as a result, the polish will not adhere as it should.