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Strengthen your nails

Depend nail care products have been specially developed to clean, moisturise, nourish, strengthen and protect your nails. When choosing nail care products, consider the condition of your nails – are they dry and split with cracked cuticles, thin and soft or discoloured with ridges? Cuticle peeling and nail oil are the first step towards achieving healthy, strong and flexible nails. When you remove dead skin cells and clean the nail your nails look more attractive and your nail polish will last longer without chipping.

Make exfoliating your cuticles once a week a part of your regular manicure routine. Depend has two nail care series called O2 Nail Care and PT Nail Care, which follow the same nail care routine – which one you choose to follow comes down to personal preference.

Take a look at our gentle nail polish removers - suitable for natural - or artificial nails.

Why should I use nail oil?

Nail oil moisturises and strengthens your nails and is massaged into your nails and cuticles. If you are wearing nail polish, the oil can be applied over the polish. Depend’s range of nail care products includes three different nail oils: Grape & Avocado Nail Oil, Myrrh & Avocado Nail Oil and Myrrh Nail Oil in a pen. Nail oil can be used daily, preferably in combination with Depend Cuticle Cream for soft, supple cuticles.

Which nail strengthener should I use?

Depend’s nail strengtheners protect and strengthen soft, thin nails. They can also be applied as a base coat as part of your manicure. Depend Strength Instant Repair creates a hard yet flexible surface and immediately strengthens nails. Ginseng Nail Serum is a nail strengthener that does not produce a hard polished surface but is instead massaged into the nail root and can be applied on top of your nail polish. Depend Strength Overnight is a nail strengthener that can be left to work as an intensive treatment overnight and is washed off in the morning. If your nails have ridges and show natural signs of ageing, then we recommend Ridgefiller Nail Strengthener, which camouflages ridges and yellowing, restoring the nail’s natural beauty. Apply as a base coat or in thin layers as a nude-coloured nail polish.

Nail care kits

For nail care novices, we have developed complete nail kits that include the most important products within nail care, such as cuticle peeling products, nail oils and hand creams. We recommend starting with the O2 3-Step Action Nail Care Kit or PT Kickstart Nail Care.

Depend Academy

Would you like to find out which nail care products we recommend for your nails?

At Depend Academy you can find advice, tips and step-by-step guides to help you tackle dry, split nails, thin nails, soft nails or discoloured nails with ridges. You can also analyse the condition of your nails to find specific products for use in custom nail treatments.