A gentler take on Rococo’s extravagant court style earns it a place in our everyday wardrobe. Gone are the corsets and stays, as we now embrace a more relaxed, elegant look that is feminine but with an androgynous edge. We say hello to a modern Marie Antoinette!

At 5 ml Depend Minilac O2 is the perfect size, and its patented formula that allows 30 % more oxygen to reach the nail than ordinary nail polish has a positive effect on the condition of your nails. This polish is easy to apply, thanks to a specially designed brush that is flat and cut with rounded corners, which allows for greater precision. Each bottle is labelled with a symbol indicating the degree of coverage offered by the polish: solid, semi-transparent or transparent. The collections are updated regularly to reflect the season’s trendiest colours.

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    Nailing perfect polish application:

    Always apply a base coat and a top coat

    Apply polish in several thin layers

    Choose a gentle nail polish remover and use the correct technique when removing polish

    Always use a base coat beneath coloured polish; this is the key to ensuring that your polish lasts longer and does not chip. The base coat also protects the nail, preventing the pigment in nail polish from penetrating your natural nail and causing discolouration.

    Apply your chosen coloured polish in thin coats. The first is likely to be a little uneven, but the second should look perfect. Depend’s nail polishes also have a specially designed brush that is particularly forgiving.

    Seal the coloured polish with a top coat. Apply one or two thin coats to dry nail polish. For a longer-lasting finish, touch up by applying a thin coat every two or three days.

    Use Depend’s nail polish removers, which are free from acetone, oil, colour and perfume, to avoid your nails becoming dry and discoloured. Nail polish removers that contain oil tend to leave residues on the nail that can prevent nail polish from adhering properly. Use the following technique when removing nail polish: soak a cotton wool ball or pad in nail polish remover and press it against the nail, then lift it up at an angle without rubbing it against the nail surface. This method avoids the risk of nail discolouration.

    Our formulas are regularly updated and so the ingredients used may vary somewhat over time. For up-to-date information, please see the ingredients list on purchased packaging.

    Animal-derived ingredients:

    Vegan formula, does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

    #2940666: Clear, Isopropyl Alcohol, CI 77891, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, CI 77492, Acetyl Tributyl CitrateCI 77491, Sorbic Acid, Stearalkonium Bentonite, CI 77266, Diacetone AlcoholPhosphoric Acid

    For more useful tips, please visit our knowledge bank Depend Academy