Small silvery rhinestones for nail decoration in a variety of shapes: round, square, stars, hearts and teardrops. Use the accompanying applicator to apply stones to your nails before your polish dries and then seal with top coat. Can be used on all your nails or just one for added effect.

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    How to decorate your nails:

    Apply the nail polish you have chosen as a base. Now apply a layer of top coat.

    Before the polish dries, use the accompanying applicator to apply your chosen stones to the nail. Remember to press the stones firmly into the polish, and they will adhere better. Tip! If you dip the applicator in top coat it will be easier to pick up the stones.

    Finish with top coat. Brush 1-2 thin layers of top coat over the whole nail and allow to dry. Done! Touch up with top coat every second or third day.

    144 Rhinestones, 1 orange stick, 1 applicator

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