French Look, Oval design. A perfect fit, easy to apply, and a beautiful natural appearance. Each replacement nail is numbered, so you can easily choose the replacement nail that fits your own nail.

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    1. Cleanse your hands carefully, especially your nails and cuticles. Dry them thoroughly.

    2. Select replacement nails to fit each of your own nails. If you cannot find a replacement nail that fits exactly, then choose one that is slightly larger and file the edges to fit.

    3. Apply a thin layer of Depend Nail adhesive over the entire nail. NB! Take care not to get nail adhesive on the cuticle. Use the pin supplied to open the adhesive tube.

    4. Apply the replacement nails. Press hard for 5-10 seconds. NB! Take care that there are no air pockets between your nail and the replacement nail, as this may lead to infection. If an air pocket forms, you must apply the replacement nail again. We recommend that you do not wear the replacement nails for more than 10 days on end. After that you should allow your nails to breathe before applying replacement nails again.

    Removing replacement nails. Use Depend Replacement nail remover. NB! Never break or pull replacement nails off. This may damage your natural nails.

    24 nails, 1 nail file, 2 g adhesive, 1 manicure stick, 1 adhesive pin.

    For more useful tips, please visit our knowledge bank Depend Academy