Create beautiful nail art with a touch of glitter. Loose glitter is sprinkled over the nail before the polish dries and can be applied to a single nail, all your nails or just half of the nail for added effect. Contains 2 g.

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    Apply base coat and two coats of your chosen colour.

    Before the last coat of coloured polish has dried, apply the glitter to your nails using a brush or your fingers.

    If the polish starts to dry, apply a thin layer of top coat so the glitter can adhere to the wet surface. If you want glitter all over the nail, you can dip the nail into the glitter while the polish is still wet. Carefully brush away any excess glitter that has not adhered to your nail. Finish with Depend Top Coat.

    Touch up with top coat every three days to make your nail art last longer.

    2 g

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