Depend 5-in-1 Eye Mask is a genuine quick fix if you want brighter and fresher-looking skin around your eyes, with effects that last. The unique effects of 5-in-1 Eye Mask on the skin are possible thanks to a combination of peptides and collagen – which is the skin’s most important protein and building block. The mask has a tightening effect and reduces any fine lines, while at the same time it cleanses the skin, reduces visible pores and removes dark circles under the eyes. The addition of sea algae ensures the mask delivers plenty of moisture to the skin, giving it a more youthful feel.

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    1. Moisten the skin below your eyes with water and apply one patch beneath each eye (image 01). 5-in-1 Eye Mask must be well moistened, and you may need to apply additional water to the outside of the mask. When you activate 5-in-1 Eye Mask, it becomes a transparent gel.

    2. Leave 5-in-1 Eye Mask to work for at least 30 minutes or, for best results, until the mask is completely dry (image 02).

    3. Remove by carefully lifting away the film (image 03a) or rinsing off with water (image 03b). Can be used twice a week or as required.

    4 Eye Masks.

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