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Remover & Cleansing

Remove nail polish without the need for acetone

Nail polish remover makes removing nail polish a doddle. Depend nail polish removers are gentle on your nails and are free from acetone, oil, colour and perfume, which can cause nails to dry out and become discoloured, as well as leave residues on the nail surface, which make it harder for your nail polish to adhere to the nail.

Which nail polish remover should I choose?

Depend’s nail polish removers come packaged in four different colours, as each remover has different properties. The blue nail polish remover works super fast and is intended for natural nails. The purple nail polish remover is extra gentle and odourless and is intended for natural nails. The green nail polish remover is odourless and gentle and is intended for dry, split nails. The red nail polish remover removes polish from artificial nails and sculptured nails.

Environment-friendly nail polish remover

Depend Environmentally Adapted Nail Polish Remover carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and was named Nail Product of the Year at the 2018 Swedish Beauty Awards. An odourless and fast-acting nail polish remover for natural nails that does not dry out the skin.

Dip-in or pads

For quick and easy removal of nail polish, try a dip-in pot, where you dip your fingers into a pot containing a foam sponge. Removes nail polish in just a few seconds! Depend also has remover pads in a handy container that is ideal for travelling or keeping in your handbag.