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Eyebrow pomade

Eyebrow pomade colours, adds volume and sets your brows. A colour cream with a soft, lightweight consistency that is applied with a brush. The pomade is waterproof and available in six natural shades.

Eyebrow pomade

Add definition to your eyebrows with Perfect Eye Eyebrow Pomade Colour Cream – a multifunctional colour cream that adds colour and volume and shapes and sets your brows. Eyebrow pomade has a soft, lightweight consistency and can be applied in layers using a brush to achieve just the right amount of coverage and colour. Use Perfect Eye Eyebrow Duo Brush to apply the colour, having first warmed the cream up on the back of your hand with the brush before applying it to the eyebrow. The pomade is waterproof and available in six natural shades: Taupe, Caramel, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony.

How do I fill in my brows with eyebrow pomade?

A good rule of thumb for filling in your eyebrows is to add more definition to the outer edge of the brow and to make the inner edge, near the bridge of your nose, softer. If you would like greater definition, shade along the lower brow line. Apply the pomade using a brush and comb through with an eyebrow wand to distribute the product and even out the colour. Depend’s eyebrow pomade produces a soft “blurred” result and also sets the hairs, meaning there is no need to apply wax over the top.

How do I find the right eyebrow shape for me?

Hold a pencil touching the side of your nose, keeping it pointing straight up. Your brow should start at the edge of the pencil. Now angle the pencil so it passes over the outer part of the iris (to the side of the outer part of the pupil). The pencil should pass over the highest point of the brow. Angle the pencil over your cheek so that it is edge to edge with the outer corner of your eye. Your brow should end at the edge of the pencil.