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Fuller and longer lashes

Add intensity to your make-up with a pair of artificial eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes give you more, fuller and longer lashes, and there are options suitable for everyday wear and parties. Artificial eyelashes on a lash band lengthen and add volume right the way along your lashes, while individual lashes, single eyelashes, are added to the outermost edge of your lashes to create a specific effect. Depend’s artificial eyelashes are handmade from natural hair (not from animals) and specially selected synthetic hair. They have a flexible fixing surface, a thin lash band, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear and ensures the best possible fit. Choose from a number of different lash styles from the product families Natural, Volume 3D, Faux Mink, Wispy, Effects and Single. Artificial eyelashes can be applied for both everyday wear and parties. Try them for yourself and find the right style for each occasion and be patient. Practice makes perfect!

What is a Faux Mink lash?

Depend’s Faux Mink artificial eyelashes are handmade from synthetic hair, specially chosen to ensure the absolute best quality. Exclusive feather-light and soft lashes for maximum comfort and with a thin and flexible fixing surface. Marcel Jehrlander has designed a Faux Mink lash for Depend called Marcel.

What is a Volume 3D lash?

Volume 3D lashes produce a multidimensional (3D) effect, having two layers of lashes on one lash band. Depend’s Volume artificial lashes are handmade from synthetic hair, specially chosen to ensure the absolute best quality.

Which glue should I use with artificial eyelashes?

Depend’s artificial eyelashes are supplied with a latex-free lash glue. The glue is white but becomes transparent as it dries. Depend also sells black lash glue for artificial eyelashes. This is a good option for anyone used to wearing artificial eyelashes and who wants an even more intense look.

How do I apply artificial eyelashes?

Begin by measuring the artificial eyelashes against your eye and then trimming to the required width. Trim from the outer edge. Apply the artificial eyelashes using tweezers or an eyelash applicator. It’s a good idea to apply eyeliner before attaching the eyelashes to ensure an even, intense look. Fill in afterwards as required.

Apply lash glue to the artificial eyelashes and allow to dry for a couple of seconds before application. If necessary, apply a small amount of additional glue to the inner and outer corners and press gently into position with the back of the tweezers. Apply the eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye, keeping as close to your own lashes as possible. Don’t worry, as it can take a few minutes for the lash glue to dry completely! Apply any additional mascara you want to the lashes or comb through them gently with a brush afterwards to help blend the artificial eyelashes with your own.

Can I reuse artificial eyelashes?

Yes, our artificial eyelashes can be reused. Depend’s synthetic Faux Mink lashes can be reused up to 20 times. Remove any residual glue from the lashes by carefully pulling it away using your fingers or tweezers. To remove any residual glue from your eyelids or your own lashes, we recommended using an oil-based make-up remover.