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Depend offers a wide range of products for colouring, styling and shaping eyebrows and eyelashes, whether you want a natural everyday look or more definition to make an impact at parties. Come and discover our two product ranges called Everyday Eye and Perfect Eye.


Depend offers a wide range of products for colouring, styling and shaping eyebrows and eyelashes.

Artificial eyelashes

Add intensity to your make-up with a pair of artificial eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes give you more, fuller and longer lashes, and there are options suitable for everyday wear and parties. Artificial eyelashes on a lash band lengthen and add volume right the way along your lashes, while individual lashes, single eyelashes, are added to the outermost edge of your lashes to create a specific effect. Depend’s artificial eyelashes are handmade from natural hair (not from animals) and specially selected synthetic hair. They have a flexible fixing surface, a thin lash band, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear and ensures the best possible fit. Choose from a number of different lash styles from the product families Natural, Volume 3D, Faux Mink, Wispy, Effects and Single. Artificial eyelashes can be applied for both everyday wear and parties. Try them for yourself and find the right style for each occasion and be patient. Practice makes perfect!

Lash and eyebrow colour

Colour your lashes and brows and get perfect eyes without make-up. With Depend’s lash and eyebrow colour, you can easily achieve salon results at home and have naturally accentuated, full brows and lashes when you wake in the morning and after exercising, swimming or sunbathing. The colour result lasts for up to 6 weeks. Depend has two lash and eyebrow colour ranges called Everyday Eye and Perfect Eye. You decide which works best for you. Everyday Eye has a clear hydrogen peroxide solution in a tube, while Perfect Eye has hydrogen peroxide in a tube but in a cream form. Remember to remove all make-up from the area that will be coloured, using an oil-free eye make-up remover.

Eyebrow pencils

Add definition to your eyebrows with Depend’s eyebrow pencils. With our eyebrow pencils you can create a sharp eyebrow shape, shade and add individual hairs to give your eyebrows greater definition. There are three different types of pencils, each with a different tip. Perfect Eye Eyebrow Pencil Slim & Thin has a 1.5 mm tip and is perfect for precision styling. Perfect Eye Eyebrow Pencil Triangular is an award-winning eyebrow pencil with a triangular tip for creating both fine and broad lines and shading larger areas. Everyday Eye Eyebrow Pencil Slim Triangular has a slim triangular tip that is perfect for precision styling, adding individual hairs, and creating a sharp eyebrow shape. Choose your favourite pencil or combine them for a natural everyday look or more defined make-up for parties. Depend’s eyebrow pencils are water-resistant and available in six natural shades: Taupe, Caramel, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Ebony. If you want to further define the brow and create a highlight effect, we recommend using Depend’s Wax/Concealer Pencil.